Introducing ISLAM To Non Muslims

This site is about introducing islam to non muslims. Please if anybody want to join, help me or correct me if I’m wrong or if you have any good link to good moderate sites. you are more then welcome. I’m not a scholar, but I’m a muslim and I have a vast knowlege about is islam. If you would like to explore islam youself without the prejuduce of the mass medias, which have their own agenda, I can help you with that. But first, if you want to learn about islam, you need to study it from the point of view of a muslim scholar (someone who have at least a PhD, or a very knowlegeable Imam). Like if I want to learn about chrisanity, I would consult the bible writen by a christian and a knowlegeable priest, I  would not consult a muslim (correct?). Samething with islam. I would start by visiting a mosk or an islamic center near you, they can guide you. I also would ask them or download an interpretation of the QURAN with my language. Make sure it has a simple but ample explantion of the versions and chapters of the QURAN. But most importantly, this translated version of the QURAN, should be writen by a muslim, because you want to see the point of view of the QURAN and muslim scholars, and then decide yourself if what you hear in the media is true or not.

You can also search the internet, but here you need to be careful, because anybody can write anything, avoid sites that talks about hating others. Try to find sites writen by knowlegeable people such as a good imam or scholar with a PhD or excellent knowlege about islam.

In the future, I will try to find good links and post them for you.