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SUBJECT: Looking for online/offline job/internship or on the job training. Very affordable price for anybody.

            Summary: I have excellent experience with: All kind of data entry, Admin-Support/Virtual Assistant and general office work, data search, entry, collection and analysis using advanced excel, word, PowerPoint and other programs, social media management, scientific articles writing, translation, typing, web search, e-mail handling and customer services, Teaching and tutoring (English, Arabic, French and Algebra). I’m very fluent in English, Arabic and French languages. I had worked and studied in the United States for over 9 years.


PhD degree in Animal Science – Oregon State University (2001 – 2004).

-BS degree in Education – Oregon State University (1998-2002).

-Minor degree in Mathematics – Oregon State University (1998-2002).

-MS degree in ANIMAL NUTRITION – University of Tunis. (1992 – 1994)

-BS degree in ANIMAL NUTRITION – Oregon State University. (1986 – 1989)


-2 certificates: Advanced statistics and Data Analysis – The Mediterranean University – Sragoza – Spain (5/3 to 4/12 -1998).

-Agriculture data management – Oregon State University (2004).

– Diploma of English Language Proficiency – English Language Institute – Oregon State University (1986).


I’m very proficient in: Arabic, Tunisian, English and French languages.

-I’m from Tunisia; Arabic and Tunisian are my native languages.

-French is near native language, it is the primary language of education in Tunisia.

-I had studied for my Bachelors and Ph.D degrees and worked in the United States for over 9 years. I have a Diploma of English Language Proficiency – English Language Institute – Oregon State University (1986).


1.Data entry, search and collection, Admin-support ( Virtual Assistant), Web Search and Evaluation, Translation, Typing, Private Teaching and Tutoring (Algebra, English, French and Arabic), Social media management – Since 2010:

For the last 5 years I have been working online/offline and with different individuals doing Data Entry, Typing, Translation, Web Search and Evaluation, Social media management, Teaching and Tutoring. For now, I’m working with Online Freelancer Jobs, for a very few hours a week. I’m doing web search and data entry.

I have gained very good experience with: Data entry, collection and analysis using excel, word and PowerPoint, translation, typing, web search and evaluation, general office work (virtual assistant), e-mail handling and social media management.

2. Teaching, tutoring and mentoring: Algebra, English, Arabic and French – since             2000:

For the last 15 years I have been teaching and tutoring, Algebra for elementary, middle and high school students for private home schooling and online teaching.

I also, have been teaching, English, French, and Arabic for beginners.

3. Biological Teacher Assistant/Researcher (1989 – 2015)

-I went to an American University for my Bachelors and Ph.D degrees. I lived and worked in the United States for over 9 years. I had worked for Oregon State University and the University of Tunis since 1989, as a Biological teacher assistant and as a Researcher. I had published and translated many scientific articles. I had dealt with a lots of documents translation, data collection, search, entry, evaluation and analysis (using excel, SAS and SPSS software’s), and general office work. I had to investigate and solve different problems encountered by farmers in the region of Tunis. Based on collected data and inferences, I had to communicate those result in very simpler way to the farmers, in order to improve their productivities.

-I had gained very good experience translating documents from and to: Tunisian, Arabic, English and French. As a researcher and Teacher Assistant at Oregon State University and the University of Tunis, I had to translate, almost every day, scientific publications from and to the 4 above different languages.

– I also, had helped my colleagues and my students and other online people translate parts of their theses and other articles.

-I had advised over a dozen students and helped them carry out their theses.

I’m quick, excellent learner, prompt, very meticulous and fully available. Client satisfaction is a priority. I also have excellent research skills, critical thinking and decision making skills.

Any further information will be provided as soon as requested.

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